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This Blog is to facilitate a better communication mechanism with every one involved in InterConsult21.
Even though we have very simple and straight Concept

to Find and be Found


Many features help to increase the visibility of our members.
Our goal is to Increase Sale of our member's Services and Productions from anywhere to anywhere.
Our idea is to have professional Business Search Engine for Companies, and Organizations only.
Professional Consultants whether at individual basis or as Companies are part of the "From within approach".
Interaction between InterConsult21's vision, Companies / Organizations and Consultants / Partners are the true Business 2 Business result.

The Blog is initiated by this Web-Page (
It is in English as official language. However, we will add the same contents in several languages and audios.

The Blog is in two parts.

Part One is dynamic with update of what is going on.
Part two is more or less less dynamic and would be updated if necessary. It highlights InterConsult21's main features.

Part One

As we strive to ease communication, and we focus on using our Account in Linkedin and YouTube,
We are going to concentrate on updating our Concept in five areas starting with our InterConsult21 Features and How?,
Listed or Public Videos for Members, Cities from the Globe and Tutorials. Each area, will show published materials, videos and voice speeches.

InterConsult21 Debate. Article-1. Introduction. InterConsult21 Debate. Article-2. Ph.D. InterConsult21 Debate. Article-3. The Internet. InterConsult21 Debate. Article-4. Network Neutrality. InterConsult21 Debate. Article-5. Alternative Approach. InterConsult21 Debate. Article-6. Cities, Strategic Supply Chains, and Opportunities InterConsult21 Debate. Article-7. Assens City Profile. Fyn, South Region. Denmark.

InterConsult21 - Features
InterConsult21 - Features  InterConsult21 - Concept  Cities around the Globe  Tutorials 

New approach



Entire Concept


Find Search Top Functions

Why Cites?



Sites Map






Build from Within

Business Center

WORD CLASS Services, Company City
Social Media - SEO

A bird View

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 Afrikaans | Arabic | Chinese | Danish | Dutch | English | French | German
HindiItaliano | Japanese | Norwegian | Portugues | Russian | Espanol | Swedish

ADD site 
Cities are part of InterConsult21's Infrastructure. They are the backbone for Companies, Services and Local activities.

Samples of City Profiles

Each City is integrated in the Concept and all Cities are empowered by Members Videos and Logos. All Videos are Public and integrated in the Concept. 

Samples of Videos in Cities

Strategic Supply Chains:
Cars | Cosmetics | Drones - Odense Test International Foods | Robots  
Add Site - Business Search Engine



Search and Add Site functions.


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