Internal Environment Improvement:

Air Condition Systems,

Air Pollution,


Chemical Pollution,

Danger Materials,

Environment Friendly Materials,

Equal Opportunity,

Fire Safety and Protection,

Forced Working Conditions,


Healthy conditions,

Law Minimum wages,

LCA Live Cycles Assessment,

Lightening conditions,

Medical and First Aid Help,

No Abuse of Children,

No Discrimination,

Operation Conditions,


Psychic Conditions,

Residency and Sleeping conditions,

Right to join Associations,

Rubbish and Recycling,

Safety and Security,

Same Salary for Same Work,

Sewage and Water Waste,


Toilet and Bath conditions,


Working Environment Procedures,

Working hours and Pause,


Plus, many more.

External Environment Improvement:

Cultural activities,

Improving and supporting the surrounding,


National and global,

Sport activities,


Youth skills.

Plus, many more.

Each of those improvements entitles your Company as contributor to your surrounding Social Responsibility. 
When Registering your Company 
please make sure to identify all that applied to your efforts. It increases your credibility.