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A. Partners & Consultants


InterConsult21 is registered Company in Denmark in areas of Local, National and Global B2B, B2G and C2B for small, middle and big size Companies in many Industries in 239 Countries. We deliver an Integrated Turnkey B2B Solution for Companies and Organizations

We grow our Network. We seek:
- Professional Individuals: Local Representatives, Business Managers and Partners with direct connection to our Company on sharing basis.
- Consultants: Advisers, Investors, Associations and Consultants Companies.

Professional Individuals and Consultants need to Register at the Consultancy Pool by valid email address. Add Site requires that you have a Site.


Register yourself / your Consultant Company FREE in the Consultancy Pool by valid email address.*



If you have, a Site for yourself or your Company, then use the following link to

add your Site*

our Global Search Engine in English.

i. Use the following link:

ii. Select your appropriate Position that you enter at the Consultancy Pool  (Business ManagerPartner, Representative, Translator).

iii. Click on Add Site and enter the requested information about yourself.

How to Add your Profile and Site, in PDF / Video.



B. Companies:

You can Register your Company and save Setting Up Fees as well as extra save up to 56%.
As Company, you need to enter your Website at the Registration Form and

 to enter your Company at our Search Engine as stated in in Part 2.


Register YOUR Company as Full Member and save 56%. *

a. Company Registration:
b. Shopping Cart:              

The keys for good Partner and Consultant are to highlight What, Where and How special Unique Qualification a Partner / Consultant can provide. 

Please stress upon your Uniqueness and describe yourself in English using few lines. Please note that every word you add in your description means finding your Profile.

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