Hussein Mostafa Mohamed - Biography

Hussein Mostafa is an Egyptian vehicle mechanical engineer with over 44 years of experience in the automotive industry, military, presidential affairs, diplomatic affairs, governmental affairs and general management with intensive planning and negotiation abilities and high multicultural communication skills and international connections.

After Graduating, Hussein filled several positions in the Egyptian Armed Forces and Army Vehicle Department such as commander of base army workshops, Manager of Strategic Operations & Planning, Director of Procurement Department, Director of Research Department. All of which build the base of his intensive military experience and also his automotive and general management experience.

During this period Hussein served also as a counselor for the Sultan’s of Oman Armed Forces in Sultanate of Oman for all vehicles, transportation, contracting, and training related issues where he built the base of his gulf culture experience.

Afterwards Hussein was selected to move to the Presidential Guard and Presidency in Egypt in the position of the Director of Vehicles Department, in this position Hussein added a lot to his experience especially in fields like presidential affairs, vehicle armoring, multicultural communications, high level negotiations and diplomatic affairs and he also gained a lot of long lasting international connections.

Hussein moved from the presidency to be the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity in Egypt and then to be the First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Trade & Industry in Egypt adding the governmental affairs to his expertise, in this position, Hussein participated in creating the Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency.

Hussein was then selected to be the Chairman of the Arab American Vehicles Company, a $52 million company running a vehicles’ assembly plant and an authorized service center where he provided fiscal, strategic and operational leadership for the whole operations for 10 years, During this 10 years Hussein increased the number of models produced by the company from 3 to 10, daily production from 20 to 80 vehicles per shift, added 4 new body assembly lines to the plant, added $34 million additional investments to the company, increased the local content average percentage in all products from 40% to 47%, added 7 new local suppliers to the process, increased the annualized net profit by 366%.

This made him one of the most popular experts in the automotive industry field in Egypt and added to his connections with the premium automotive mother companies and headquarters in the whole world.

At the age of 62, and after 10 years full of achievements and growth, Hussein left the Arab American Vehicles company and was named the CEO of the Egyptian Automobile Manufacturers Association and acted as a consultant, board
member and others in many automotive companies in Egypt as follows:

CEO Egyptian Automobile Manufacturers Association
Secretary General Egyptian Automobile Council
Director of Production & Development EIM – Kia & Renault Distributor
Head of Committee Central Bank of Egypt (Vehicle Industry Development committee)
Member of Committee Prime Minister (Revival of El Nasr Vehicle Company committee)
Board Member CDCM – Peugeot Distributor
Technical Consultant Bavarian Auto Group – BMW Distributor
Consultant Watanya Group – FAW Distributor
Consultant Qasrawy – Citroën, JAC & BAIC Distributor

Education / Certifications

Bachelor of Mechanical Automotive Engineering Military Technical College

Bachelor of Military Science Military Technical College

Master Degree of Vehicle Design Military Technical College

Diploma in Top Management Army High Management College